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While buying a fake college degree is the easiest and cheapest way to get a college degree, if you're looking for a way to get through university as quickly as possible, here are five degrees that you might want to look into. They're not going to be as easy as if you bought a fake college diploma, but they might be almost that easy:

  1. English - Of course, English will only be an easy degree for you if you love to read and write. Those that don't have a passion for these two things is going to be sorely disappointed when they find out how difficult their lives are going to be. For those who do have the passion, you get to spend your days doing almost nothing but reading, analyzing literature, and writing about it-it's a good deal!
  2. Sociology - As will all degrees on this list, if you're not interested in the subject, this degree isn't going to be as easy as it sounds. However, if you are interested in social work, relationships, psychology, etc., but aren't interested in any of the hard sciences, this degree can be a great option.
  3. Anthropology - This degree will require an interest in human culture, but because you don't have to spend very much time learning math or science, and instead get to focus on traditions, social aspects, and the evolution of society, it can be easier than degrees that focus heavily on equations and hard science.
  4. Foreign Languages - Because this degree, like the others on the list, does not require math or science beyond the general education requirements that most universities have, it is considered to be easier than degrees that do require these types of classes. If you have an ear for foreign languages, this is the degree for you.
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  6. A fake college degree - When you buy a degree, it is much easier than actually going to school and taking classes in order to actually learn. A fake college degree can even represent a different kind of education or skill, one that might not be well represented in traditional academia.

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